Glass packaging industry status and development suggestions

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In recent years, in many areas, plastic packaging alternative to glass packaging, has become It is quite common for. However, in the beer, beverage, medicine, food, chemical, cosmetics and other industries in some special fields, glass packaging still plays an irreplaceable role in plastic. This paper mainly analyses the status quo of the development of glass packaging industry, and puts forward some suggestions for further development of the industry. In recent years, the glass packaging container industry enterprises through mergers, restructuring, acquisition and bankruptcy of a variety of measures, to realize the optimization of enterprise assets, the improvement in product quality, ownership structure and enterprise structure has been adjusted, lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the industry. Basic situation of a small increase in the overall economy National Bureau of statistics of industry all state-owned and annual sales of 500 million yuan and above the non-state-owned enterprises statistics show: 2002 China daily glass production for 644 million tons, compared with 566 million tons in 1998, an increase of l4% average annual growth rate of 3.5%. The ownership structure adjustment to glass packaging industry output growth rate is not high, the quality and efficiency of economy growth is not obvious, but the industry ownership structure changes. Glass container industry in large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises through restructuring, reform and other forms, establish a modern enterprise system, the emergence of a number of competitive advantages of enterprises. Such as Qingdao Jinghua Glass factory and Qingdao Guanghua glass factory to build Qingdao Jinghua Glass Co., Ltd.; Wuxi glass factory, Guangdong Jiangmen glass factory is Taiwan Chinese glass company were acquired and leasing; Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd. acquired the Liaoning Liaoyang glass factory, the new Shandong Hua Peng Heze Glass Co., Ltd. and so on. The core competence of enterprise group has been improved because of the optimized allocation of assets. Wholly foreign owned enterprises, joint ventures and private economy will play a more and more important role in the whole industry. Accelerated the pace of technological progress of glass machinery and equipment level, mould, refractories industry product quality improve, and a series of new technology popularization and application, promote the technical progress of the glass container industry. Shandong Province is a big glass products in China, in recent years new a batch of advanced molding equipment, testing equipment and so on, transformation, the new a number of energy saving and environmental protection type glass furnace, effectively promoted the glass melting, forming and kiln energy-saving technical progress. Product structure adjustment is attached importance to the adjustment of product structure, some enterprises have achieved certain results. Shandong Rizhao Dingxin Glass Co., Ltd., developed a few years ago the small glass products now is still in short supply, due to the high added value of the product, while the decline in the company of glass container production, but enterprise benefit a best level in history. Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd. has introduced advanced production lines in the production of high-grade products, Linuo group with high technology, investment in the production of a series of high value-added products, have achieved good returns. Some small scale, variety of small glass factory in the whole market to play a regulatory role, so that the industry's product mix and colorful. To improve the quality of beer bottles of beer packaging is the largest amount of glass bottle. To improve the quality of beer bottles, to a certain extent reflects the industry to upgrade the quality of products. The overall trend of beer bottle sampling qualified rate is increasing year by year, reflects the overall quality level has been improved year by year. 2001 beer bottle product sample pass rate of 83.6%; 87.3% in 2002. The survey also showed that large and medium-sized enterprises and joint ventures, the product quality is in the leading position. Import and export volume growth in 2002 is China's accession to the WTO after the first year, according to customs statistics, in 2002 industry import and export for: total exports of $893 million, compared to the same period in 2001 up 34.76%; imports totaled $7.34 billion, compared with the same period in 2001 growth to 79.7%. The development trend of the import and export of good.Development of the proposed food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and scientific research and other industries supporting the use of packaging bottles, cans, packaging glass market potential is great. Packaging glass container industry to achieve sustained and stable development, in addition to the needs of their own efforts and related industries support, but also requires the attention of the government and the relevant departments. Play the role of industry associations with the government's direct administrative management of the weakening of the industry, strengthen the coordination of industrial organization and social intermediary service function is very necessary. Countries in the policy, law, market regulation and other means to indirectly regulate the economic behavior of enterprises at the same time, should attach importance to the development of industry associations in promoting enterprise in economic development role, to take the necessary measures and create the necessary conditions, let the industry association will continue to consolidate and develop, make industry association really become the bridge and link between the government and the enterprises. To avoid repeated low level construction of the glass container industry, there is a total imbalance, repeated construction problems. Human resource consumption has been greater than the earth's regenerative capacities, and in the production of glass to consume a large amount of energy. Therefore, we should establish the license system; to save energy and recycled glass cullet and is conducive to saving resources of the project should be in the use of funds and tax give support and preferential conditions. Glass container industry is a relatively difficult industry, labor intensity, the working environment is bad, tax profits less. In the past in the planned economy period, through the profits and taxes, to make a greater contribution to the country. However, due to retention funds rarely, lacking of primitive accumulation, technological transformation investment is that the whole industry in general in technology and equipment, product quality, with the international advanced level in the gap between the more and more. To this end, it is recommended that the state of the packaging glass container industry in the market good, good development prospects of key enterprises, in the expansion of corporate capital accumulation or financing to give policy support. The comprehensive utilization of resources at present China's recycling rate of glass products is low, not only a waste of valuable resources, but also to the natural environment such as land resources caused great harm, should strengthen the recycling of waste glass. First, select a number of big city construction waste glass recycling, processing, storage and transportation center, the MSW sorting collection and waste glass recycling system; waste glass sorting, washing, crushing, storage and transportation system; and user units (glass factory) set up broken glass raw materials designated supply and marketing system; to form a waste glass synthesis? Network system. Secondly, suggested that the state given work support and policy concessions, such as to give low interest or interest loans to set up the hardware system; given to reduce duty-free concessions, to the healthy operation of the; issued the corresponding laws and regulations, support recycling work.